Then he took his oldest son who was to reign in his place and offered him for a burnt offering on the wall. And there came great wrath against Israel. And they withdrew from him and returned to their own land. 2 Kings 3: 27

In our anchor scripture, God had promised the Israelites victory against an enemy king.  The battle had begun and true to God’s word, the Israelites were gaining the upper hand.  Bible records that suddenly, the king of the enemy nation, took his son.  His eldest son.  The heir to his throne and slaughtered and offered him as a burnt offering to his god.  Immediately, things began to go against the Israelites, so much so that they made a retreat and fled before the enemy nations!

Today’s scripture teaches on the principle of sacrifice!  The pagan king understood the potency of giving up things that matter to provoke a response.  His sacrifice was a game changer!  Scattered all over scripture are pointers to the fact that God loves and is provoked by sacrificial giving.  Solomon and the thousand burnt offerings.  Abraham and the offering of Isaac his son.

David and the threshing floor of Arauna the Jebusite.  The widow and her mite in the New Testament.  Mary and the expensive box of Alabaster.  Scripture is replete with subtle pointers to this principle.  When you have tried all else and nothing changes, try the ultimate game changer!

Give sacrificially of your money.  Give sacrificially of your time.  Give sacrificially of your skills.  Give sacrificially of your knowledge.  Give of whatever you have.  Give when it is not convenient to give.  Give even when it hurts.  Give and watch the battle turn around dramatically in your favour!  The pagan king gave his most prized possession and his story changed!  Search deep into your heart.  Is there something you should give for your own story to change?

May God help us all!


Father in the name of Jesus.  Thank you for your word.  Please give us the grace to always remember that all we have came from you.  Help us also to give freely and not grudgingly! Take all the glory Almighty God, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed!

If God has spoken to you through this message or if you have been blessed in anyway by this,  please drop me a line on audio[email protected].

Remember, wrapped up in God’s word is ALL you need for your change to come!

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