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(Luke 5:8) When Simon Peter saw this, he fell at Jesus’ knees and said, “Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!”

In Luke chapter 5, Jesus had been preaching and speaking to people.  Because he was preaching around the lake, Peter a fisherman was around anyway and was listening to him as well.  There was nothing remarkable going on. Jesus was preaching – Peter and a host of others were listening. Normal stuff.  By the time we get to verse 8, Peter who had been there all along, doing his own things, fell prostrate at Jesus’s knee worshipping him in awe and deep reverence.  What had changed?  What caused this sudden change of posture?  

While previously Peter had been milling around, listening, maybe passively or maybe even actively, at this point (verse 8), Jesus had taken special notice of him and had introduced himself to Peter through an encounter.  On the strength of that encounter, Peter didn’t need to be told.  He knew the kind of worship that Jesus deserved and He gave it to Him.  Just in case someone still isn’t getting my point.  My point is this – your worship is directly proportional to how much of God you know.  No wonder the apostle Paul prayed – That I may know Him! Until we have a proper revelation of God, our worship may remain mundane and inadequate.  I remember as a new believer, there were times I used to look at people and wonder why they were worshipping the way they were – I know now.  They had an understanding of God that I didn’t!  You can only worship to the extent that you know.  So, my dear reader, like Paul, our daily cry should be – Lord, that I may know you!  As we get deeper in our knowledge, our worship will become more and more refined and befitting of the One whom we claim to worship.

Ps. We can never ‘arrive’ at knowing God.  It continues from glory to glory until we cross over to the other side of eternity!  The quality of our worship to God must then also ascend from glory to glory through Christ Jesus!


Dear God, thank you for your word today.  Lord, please help us to know you!  Let us grow in our knowledge of you, daily so that w can give you the Worship due you!  Continue to take all the glory Almighty God in Jesus mighty name.

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