Suggested Reading (Ephesians 2:10)
For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do

Because I know students are often anxious about assessments, I take time out very early in the semester to tell them what their assessments will be and to allay any fears they will have about doing them. A few days ago, I did this with one of my class groups and after about 30 minutes of discussing the question, their anxieties, concerns and the questions they had for me, someone put up their hand to ask what was to be the final question. She asked – what would I do to fail this assessment? The whole class laughed but I thought it was a very good question. My answer to her was, the only way you can truly fail this assessment is if you don’t answer the question.

The bible tells us that there are works prepared for us to do in Christ Jesus. Once we come into Christ, we come into an economy of prepared works. It is on the basis of these works that we will be judged. Do you know the works God has prepared for you to do? Or are you going about setting a parallel question to an exam that has already been set? When we get to the end of our lives, the bible tells us that we will stand before the judge – the examiner, so to speak and He will assess us based on the questions He set, not on the questions we set for ourselves. Are you doing what God expects of you or what you think is right? They may be two absolutely different things and it is worth it to find out which is which.

Dear God, please, I pray for divine direction. I surrender my life to you. Tell me where you want me to go and what you want me to do and by your grace, I will abandon my will for yours! Continue to take all the glory Almighty God in Jesus mighty name.

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