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The 3 Minutes With the Word Audio Devotional Story​

In 2007, a friend and I were led to spend sometime praying and ministering to God.  We had no requests.

We just prayed and praised.  During the prayer, God impressed it on both our hearts that I was going to write a devotional.  I had given my life to Jesus and had been a Christian for a few years but I felt I had absolutely nothing to offer anyone. I barely knew nor understood the Bible.

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  • God lumps being ungrateful with being evil.
  • The WORD is superior to how you feel!
  • God names you in light of the fullness of your destiny. You become what God calls you progressively.
  • On your way to destiny, there is always process. Process is oftentimes not pleasant.

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Yahweh Jireh​

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  • Do you have Jesus in your boat?
  • Jesus calms storms
  • Jesus calms storms
  • Jesus calms storms!
  • Jesus calms the storm
  • Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.
  • What is your motivation ?
  • God can provide for you continuously
  • You need to hear God per time.
  • God can provide!
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