So he said, “You have asked a hard thing. Nevertheless, if you see me when I am taken from you, it shall be so for you; but if not, it shall not be so.” 2 Kings 2:10

In a previous episode, we dealt with the principle of persistence.  In today’s scripture, the Holy Spirit is bringing another very vital and potent principle to our minds.  The principle of focus! To be able to appropriate any promise God has made, to ourselves, we must master the art of focusing!  What Elijah said to Elisha in the scripture we read in essence was this:  although what you seek is difficult and almost impossible to get, if you can stay focused, you shall get it but if you get distracted, you will not get what you ask.  Elijah’s words are still so true and relevant in our own spiritual era.

Has God given you a promise?  Do whatever it takes to keep that promise before your eyes!  Do not let your eyes wander!  Stay focused and fixated on that word because your answer depends on it.  I will get a bit practical.  The Bible says that Christ has borne all our sicknesses and has already healed us of whatever ailments that could ever come our way.  Despite this word, say you still experience symptoms of an ailment!  Hear this my brothers and sisters, your healing depends on your ability to take your eyes off the symptoms and keep them focused on the word of truth God has spoken!  In my experience, this can be a very difficult thing to do, but it is the only way!  Don’t let symptoms distract you.  Don’t let side talks and haters discourage you.  Don’t let obstacles take your eyes off the word!  Elisha focused and got the reward! You too must develop a culture of focusing on only what God says.

Recently as a few days ago, one of my children was very ill.  I prayed. I laid hands.  I anointed.  The symptoms still remained. I went to the hospital, the symptoms still remained.  I knew they remained because I was fixated on them.  When I realized what I was doing wrong, I hurriedly opened the scripture in Isaiah 53 that spoke of healing, started speaking it out loud.  I let it stay open on my phone and saturated my mind with it.  It took a lot of effort but I was eventually able to steer my eyes away from the symptoms and unto the truth of God’s word.  It was only then that I had my peace!  Is my son healed? Absolutely.   Did it take a while for symptoms to disappear?  Yes. Did the symptoms eventually totally disappear? Absolutely!  Nothing can withstand the word of God!  Nothing at all!

Write down scriptures.  Put them on your wall.  Make them your screen savers.  Recite them until they sink down into your subconscious!  Let them not depart from the front of your eyes!  Your life.  Your healing.  Your spouse.  Your children.  Your prosperity depends entirely on what you focus on!  Every time you take your eyes off God and His word, you sink!  Peter shifted his focus from Jesus, to the waves, and sank!   The officer in 2 Kings 7 and verse 2, shifted his eyes from the person of the Almighty to the economic situation in Samaria at that time, and it caused him his life!  What you focus on matters very much!

May God give us the ability to steer our minds away from our circumstances to the reality of His word!


Father in the name of Jesus.  Thank you for your word .  Please give us grace to continue to focus on only your word and ignore contrary circumstances! Take all the glory Almighty God, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed!

If God has spoken to you through this message or if you have been blessed in anyway by this,  please drop me a line on audio[email protected].

Remember, wrapped up in God’s word is ALL you need for your change to come!

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