Dr Gogo Excel

Three Minutes Audio Devotional has been a dream come true. Yes!!! She actually is a dream come true… The better me keeps unfolding day by day as I listen to the devotional. The 3 minutes Audio devotional gives me a […]


The devotional for 15th June really spoke to me. I had cried so much days on end before that day asking God where He was and that morning I woke up with a feeling of defeat. After I listened to […]


All the devotionals have been inspiring and soul lifting. I have been particularly inspired and blessed recently with “Pay Attention” and “In every realm”. Thanks for your daily show and take us through scriptures, exposing us to God’s unending love […]


This devotional has been more than a blessing to me. Each day seems to address whatever difficulties or uncertainties I may be experiencing. In fact I cannot pick out any episode in particular because they ALL always speak to me. […]

Felicia Ogboru

I have received various testimonies of how this devotional has blessed lives. Some people would stop me on the way just to say thank you for sending this audio devotional to them every morning, some would call to tell me […]

Joseph Ogun

Three Minutes Audio Devotional has blessed me by empowering and guiding me while I listen to it on my way to work in the mornings. I’ve had to share it often times with family and friends.

Kayode Adebiyi

Audio devotional by Lilian has become what I call my early morning tonic. Sometimes I get so lazy about the routine download…Then, when I finally get around to it, boom! The next one comes to you like a bolt from […]